Lines that lie

Lines that lie, Wall paper print, Different size, Ongoing cycle, 2018 – …

Lines that lie is a work in progress started in 2018 and it is inspired by Italo Calvino’s ‘Invisible cities’. The starting point of this project was by drawing the facades of the buildings in Tirana. After realizing a cycle of several drawings  I started to experiment with them in a digital form. This took me to the process of repetition and deformation of specific parts of this drawings. The result was the creation of some very dysfunctional and utopian realities. This is a cycle comprised by drawings and photographies, each of them unique in its own, manipulated digitally and printed in different dimensions. 

“Melania’s population renews itself: the participants in the dialogues die one by one and meanwhile those who will take their places are born, some in one role, some in another. When one changes role or abandons the square forever or makes his first entrance into it, there is a series of changes, until all the roles have been reassigned; but meanwhile the angry old man goes on replying to the witty maidservant, the usurer never ceases following the disinherited youth, the nurse consoles the stepdaughter, even if none of them keeps the same eyes and voice he had in the previous scene”. *

 *Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities, 80