L’origine du douleur

Gustave Courbet’s ‘L’Origine du Monde’ is an iconic painting that has long sparked fascination and controversy in the world of art. Its bold depiction of a woman’s most intimate essence has continued to provoke thought, debate, and reinterpretation.

‘L’origine du douleur’ carries forward the theme of female self-discovery and empowerment that Courbet’s ‘L’Origine du Monde’ encapsulates. My work aims to redefine the boundaries of the diversity and complexity of the female experience from a woman experience. It is a personal representation of the raw and unapologetic essence of the female form. 

Most of all my aim is to challenge the historical objectification of women in art, to reevaluate the perceptions of the female form and acknowledge the significance of women’s narratives in the modern world.

The work itself is an adaptation of one of my drawings in a typical textile (qilim) of the city of Kruja realized by the hands of znj. Deshire.