Meanwhile we were sleeping

Video: 9min 25sec Format: HD 1920 x 1080; Mpg2 Installation: Bed149x189 cm, mattress, sheets, pillows, 2015 
This work is a video installation and consist of one video and a real size bed installation in which people can interact with by laying in the bed. This work for me represents a metaphor to describe the lifetime between two lovers.  The video is shot from the beginning to the end from a single angle, that of the end of the bed. It is a reenactment of a sleeping moment where the couple starts the journey together and in a loop they slowly fall apart then they get together again, in repetition. With each of their slight movements the drapes of the linens create shapes of a still life image. This shapes are noticeable in the linens of the site specific installation as well where they change constantly as a result of different people laying in the bed.  
This is an interactive work where people can lay on it and feel its structure. The bed in itself is slightly altered and deformed making it uncomfortable to stay on. Even though this work is made by a video and an installation, I see the installation standing as a single piece as well.
Link to the video