The giant

Oil on canvas, 200×50 cm, 2010

Site specific installation at the Metropol Theatre, Oil on wood, 190x70cm, 2012

Installation, Wood stairs 410×12 cm, 2013

The giant was initially a painting. In 2012 I had the opportunity to exhibit it at a group exhibition in the spaces of Metropol Theatre in Tirana. The space was very inspiring as it had different corners, different spaces and very unusual tunnels I haven’t seen before. One of this tunnels allowed the entrance to a round-shape scene and drew my attention as it was a hidden one who could only be used by the actors to enter from the outside into the scene directly not being noticed by anyone. This space inspired me to adapt the painting and create a (symbolic) illusion, the kind like ‘Alice in wonderland’. I ‘blocked’ the tunnel by installing the work in the middle of it, I drew a pair of stairs going from down-up and in the upper corner I cut open a window with the dimensions 15×15 cm, which was the only passage to ‘the other side’.

I decided one year later to do a re-enactment of this work in another space.