The work is in process

Installation, Plexiglass, 2016

This work is a site specific installation realized for the group exhibition called “In a day like any other…” held at Zeta Gallery in Tirana, 2016.

My process as an artist doesn’t include the realization of a new work depending on the exhibition theme, instead the work I decide to exhibit it is always a continuation of my working subject for that specific moment or in some cases, a way to adapt previews work in a site specific way but into a different space.

This work is a different approach to this believe as it is a symbolic statement of a work ‘non-work’.  It is both a site specific work ‘non-work’ for this exhibition (as the phrase is a continuation for the title), and a rebellious statement against the realization of a commissioned work.

In a day like any other… ‘The work is in process’ it is an ode to the artistic creation as a daily process.